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Welcome to Certification Center CTCR Oy official homepage.

Certification Center CTCR Oy (CTCR Oy) is a sales and marketing company which is specialized in certificates required by Russian law. CTCR Oy was established in 1999.

CTCR Oy is accredited by Test-St. Petersburg which is the second largest certification company in Russia. CTCR Oy co-operates closely also with other certification companies in Russia such as Certification Center Gosstroi, Certification Division of All-Russian Fire Protection Institute, etc.

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Certification Center CTCR Oy

Visiting address:
Hitsaajankatu 22, Opus Business Park, 00810 HELSINKI
Postal address:
PL 111, 00811 HELSINKI
Telephone: (09) 755 5800
Telefax: (09) 7552 0700
E-mail: info [at] ctcr.net

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